Agritur Eden Marone holiday farmhouse on Lake Garda

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The estate where we’ll accommodate you is our own home. Our nest, the place where our children were born and where we feel happy and in harmony with the nature that surrounds us. And it’s also where we want you to feel the same.

If you’re wondering why we chose this name, Marone, for our holiday farmhouse, the answer is simple and tied to the territory that hosts us: in the woods around Nago, Tenno, and Riva del Garda, there grows an abundance of delicious fruits: chestnuts.

For centuries, Drena, Tenno, Campi, and Riva del Garda have been known for a specific variety of chestnuts (maroni in the local dialect), a product that also boasts the supramunicipal designation of origin (De.Co.).

But that’s not all. The name of the street in Riva del Garda where we’re located is Via Marone, and to welcome you at the entrance, surrounded by nature, you’ll find a centuries-old chestnut tree, the last on this street. Big, proud, and majestic.

From our estate, you can watch the sun rise from on one of the most breathtaking 360° views of Lake Garda, which encompasses Monte Misone, Monte Velo, the Stivo, and Monte Brione to the east, followed by the renowned Monte Baldo. Then, to the south, you can admire the city center of Riva del Garda and, to the west, Lake Garda in all its blue splendor.

Our family opens the doors of the Agritur Eden Marone holiday farmhouse to all travelers who want something more than just a vacation on Lake Garda.

We want to introduce you to the authentic reality that Riva del Garda and Trentino offer, created by a respect for the Earth and our simple and straightforward culture.

Our roots lie in the slight, extraordinary contrasts of a land where the scent of the Mediterranean permeates, in its sunny and typically Italian manner, but where you can also enjoy a magnificent alpine mountain panorama.

A mountain range that welcomes you with open arms, just like our arms are open to anyone seeking harmony, tranquility, kindness, and simplicity.

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