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We cook t with our hear

The cuisine of the Agritur Eden Marone restaurant is a tribute to the Garda tradition.

We love preparing traditional family dishes… the ones our grandparents used to prepare for us!

Here you’ll enjoy products offered by both the territory and our small garden: extra virgin olive oil from the olives of our secular olive trees – the pride of Upper Garda – wine produced with grapes from our vineyards, and honey from our own bees.

Our recipes have a deep connection with our past and our land. They’re created with affection and a sense of belonging.

For those who wish to enjoy our traditional products, our restaurant in not only open all year round for our B&B guests but also for those who are not.

We pay special attention to intolerances, which is why we also offer gluten-free choices in our menu.

We’re also equipped for hosting large groups and like to make our guests feel part of a big family.

We offer two spacious indoor dining rooms and two outdoor terraces surrounded by nature.


7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

ALUNCH: 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
DINNER: 7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Chef at Eden Marone

Gourmet chef and dad

Among the olive trees and vineyards of our estate, as you admire the Trentino mountain range, caressed by Lake Garda’s distinct Mediterranean breeze, you can savor the authentic dishes prepared by Valter, chef and owner of the Agritur Eden Marone holiday farmhouse. His best dishes? Trentino-style Strangolapreti (bread dumplings), lake fish, and spitroasted meats with polenta, all seasoned with the best ingredients: authenticity, quality, and simplicity.

Our desserts

Sweet cuisine

Guests at the Agritur Eden Marone holiday farmhouse can enjoy desserts created daily by Wania, Valter’s wife and mother to Francesco, Matthias, and Enea. Wania’s recipes are exquisitely tasty, simple, and authentic… just like she is! What desserts are a must? Her apple strudel, wild berry tarts, and ricotta cake. Absolutely irresistible!

we follow nature

Four seasons

The cuisine we offer at the Agritur Eden Marone holiday farmhouse is healthy. We only use local and seasonal products and believe in respecting the Earth and nature. If what they say is true, that happiness is made up of moments of conviviality around a table, we want you to feel exactly like that… happy. In our dishes, you’ll savor the sun of Lake Garda, the hands of the farmers who cultivate our land, and the traditions our families have handed down to us, which make us feel proud of who we are.

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